Voice of Customer

At Systaldyn our business consulting approach involves Voice of Customer to understand the customer’s expectations and gather information for further analysis. The Voice of Customer enables us to enlist all the customer’s expectations that act as guideline. Once the customer’s expectations are gathered, we analyze the collected data using most suitable analysis technique. We apply suitable analysis techniques on proactive as well as reactive Voice of Customer. For proactive Voice of customer, we collect the data prior to the product / service implementation. Reactive Voice of Customer we analyse the data that customer brings to us from the ongoing operations for further analysis in the form of complaints and volume, performance metrics, Dashboard dumps etc.

Proactive Voice of Customer can be gathered using following techniques

  • Surveys : make use of the targeted and defined participants to collect the relevant information
  • Interviews : To foster a collaborative approach to work with customer, open ended or close ended questions are asked to extract the desired information
  • Questionnaires : Design questionnaire and ask the appropriate audience to get the information
  • Focus groups : To get information on more complex subjects like behavioral patterns etc.

The information collected from the customer is put into an appropriate context leading to the creation of appropriate solutions. There are many touch points with the customers and these touch points are used an opportunity to gather more relevant information that helps in solution design.